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CWM-1300SC Automatic paper cone production line

Mechanical Features
This is the fifth-generation mechanical upgrade. After the innovative process, themechanical operation stability is high, the production speed is fast, 55-65 per minute, andthe raw materials can save up to 10% compared with the previous generation. The qualityof production reaches domestic. Leading level outside.
The fully automatic CNC Pagoda paper tube machine is a special equipment for the production of cotton spinning pagoda paper tubes. The paper tubes produced are suitable for cotton textile mills, wool textile mills, chemical fiber spinning and other industries.
Production specification
5 ° 57, 5 ° 32, 4 ° 20, 3 ° 30, 1 ° 51 and other special specifications conical pagoda paper tubes.
Mechanical configuration
1. The production line is composed of three sets of equipment, one flowing water production line, which is made up of automatic CNC coiling machine, automatic dryer, fully automatic CNC finishing and plucking machine.
2. The machine adopts high-tech innovative technology and technology, configures PLC computer control operation as one, simplifies the production process, and uses highquality materials, meticulous processing to improve the service life of components, and at the same time reduce the maintenance of machinery for operators. The amplitude increases the stability of the mechanical opera



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