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CWM-1300H Automatic paper cone finishing machine

CWM-1300H Automatic paper cone finishing machine

CWM-1300H Automatic paper cone finishing machine


The finishing finishing machine is the last process of producing the pagoda paper tube. It belongs to special production equipment and can produce deep processing of 5 ° 57, 4° 20 and 3° 30 cone paper tubes. The production process of the machine is automatically discharged and oiled. Elbow, pressure line, V-shaped mouth, surface pulling, vacuuming for integrated production, one-time completion, to achieve the product yarn tube.

Technical parameter

Rated production capacity

47-55 pcs / minute

Suitable for products


Applicable to products: various

conical pagoda paper tubes

Electric power


Take over function

Automatic counting string

Speed control

Frequency converter


1 person

Input power


380V three-phase four-wire (voltage customization)

 Control System

PLC controller

Taiwan Delta

Frequency converter

China EURA

Execution device

China Chint

Signal component

Japan Omron

Pneumatic Components

Taiwan Airtac

Cutting machine

Weifang, Shandong


NSK or Harbin

Pull control

Servo motor 1.5KW

Vacuuming method

Single barrel fan vacuuming (high


Mechanical size and weight

Host size (L * W * H)


Machine weight (GW)

Around 1570kg


Mechanical manufacturing structure

1The frame is made of high-precision thick and heavy square tube. The table top is made of steel plate, and the structural components are processed by high-quality materials.

2The main part is welded by thick and heavy steel plate after CNC cutting, which is not easy to deform and has small vibration.

3The main motor adopts vector type high torque frequency conversion speed regulation, hard tooth surface gear reduction, low noise, low heat, high speed and large torque.

4Using PLC control output control and function splitter rotation to improve operational stability, control is more accurate than ever.

5The brushing part adopts servo motor, controllable digital speed regulation, stable operation, convenient operation and arbitrary speed increase power configuration.

6modular electrical layout, use, maintenance, maintenance is more convenient and scientific.

7The chain conveyor paper tube is smoother and vibration-free.

8At different operating speeds can ensure the consistency of the paper tube elbow length, clear hair and so on.

Mechanical size and weight

Pulling sand belt


Pulling sponge wheel



According to user requirements



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