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Note in the use of paper cone machinery

When we operate the paper tube machinery, some places must pay attention, mainly in the process of the operation of the staff, need to pay attention to the safety operation.
1.Before the operation to wear good personal protective equipment, especially women, to wear a good helmet, but can not wear gloves, these are the need to pay attention to.
2.Be sure to check whether the machine can work properly, to check whether the tightening of the phenomenon of the phenomenon.
3.Let me first empty paper tube machinery operation before the operation, no error can confirm the normal feed production.
4.If you find fault, it is time to troubleshoot and repair, can not be used to prevent accidents.
5.Paper tube machinery in the operation process, can not be used to adjust or touch parts, such as the need to clean up, you must stop the machine to do the processing.
6.Remember that machinery in the operation process, can not leave the job, so as to avoid the problem, no treatment, resulting in unnecessary losses.
7.After the work, the staff should be cleaned, the machine is good, easy to use.



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