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Production process of pagoda paper cone

Pagoda paper tube processing, usually is the first by a layer of glue adhesive together the paper winding production "spiral winding paper tube, the attached on the beautiful label, paper tube into the required size, then each piece of paper tube is arranged on the seal at the top / film, you can complete the entire composite pagoda paper tube processing.
Compared with the traditional horizontal rotary pipe production, the use of the spiral winding pipe production pipe has the following characteristics:
1, paper tube low cost / high output, speed of 50 meters per minute
2, paper tube can not see the body of the tank to lap on the surface of smooth flat surface
3, paper tube can be used in diaphragm
4, pagoda paper tube equipment suitable for the processing of different specifications of the tank
5, paper cone cylinder tank processing only
The pagoda paper tube process
Pagoda paper tube structure can be made easy open lid type, but also with easy open lid type, the lining layer by 50g / m2 kraft paper, PE composite layer, 7 m aluminum foil,Ion bonded resin coating layer composition.
This pagoda paper tube lining layer has good anti grease of, airtight, barrier of air (oxygen), light, moisture and odors; meanwhile, the tank can using kraft paper, recycled paper can also be used.
Pagoda paper tube if the easy open lid type structure, the need to use resistance composite membrane as easy open lid material, the film by, 9 40g / m2 kraft paper, composite adhesive, 12 m polyester, 12-15g/m2EAA (coating) u m foil, 25-30g/m2 ionic bonding resin coating layer. This film has the characteristics of paper, can be printed with the use of additional advertising, can be arbitrary selection; easy to open;
Pagoda paper tube with aluminum foil and on the air (oxygen), humidity, light, smell and microbe has excellent barrier effect and high resistance to tear, and so on characteristics.
The production and use of the diaphragm is very simple, only in selected reel material will cover membrane arranged according to the designed shape, punching can be obtained, and in pagoda paper tube forming / sealing process, roll
 up pagoda paper tube side outwards rolling, roll side opening is formed, the diaphragm can be directly connected with the belt coating tank lining sealing together.



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