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High Speed Cutting Machine

High Speed Cutting Machine


1.The whole machine is controlled by PLC (two vector motor) and the man-machine interface is used to operate the machine.

2.The discharge is imported magnetic powder brake, which is automatically calculated by PLC to achieve constant tension control.

3.Traction drive adopts vector variable frequency motor to realize constant linear speed control.

4.The winding drive adopts the vector variable frequency motor to drive the upper and lower magnetic powder clutch to automatically calculate the winding diameter by PLC to realize the control of the winding tension taper.

5. unwinding roll adopts shaftless cylinder top cover device, which is driven by the cylinder clamp. Automatic feeding swing arm type.

6.The system has preset meter meter, constant volume calculation function.

7.With EPC correction device can accurately control the accuracy of the end face.

8.The utility model relates to a cutting machine which is used for cutting the common packaging materials such as composite film, single film, aluminum foil, paper, etc.

Second,Main technical parameters



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